Principal's Bulletin 4

Post date: Sep 22, 2014 3:01:00 PM

Dear Belmont Family,

This year is off to a fantastic start. Recently, we have had our grade level assemblies where students have been made well aware of their rights, privileges, expectations and opportunities as members of our community.

We have also held our information sessions regarding Clubs and Activities as well as our Campus Wide Sports Night Bonanza for those interested in PSAL competition. As a small school, it is important that we offer students as many opportunities to express themselves through the arts, clubs, sports and extracurricular activities. Exposure to these options will, we believe, help the students become more well-rounded as they challenge themselves and each other in a non-academic setting.

Our collective goal, as you know, is to prepare students for college and career and being “well-rounded” is definitely what colleges consider as part of the application process. It is clear that we are fostering academic growth, since that is our primary mission, but I want each of us to be reminded that extra-curricular activities are important but that they are, in fact, “extra” (and may only be offered to students in “good standing”).

I very much look forward to celebrating all types of student success this year as we distribute academic and athletic awards and hope that every child will be in good standing in order to participate in all we offer.

Please, review our Extra-curricular Activity and Field Trip Eligibility Requirements so as to be best prepared to support our students reach their academic, disciplinary and citizenship goals. Again, this information should help us all set goals in order to have a truly productive and enriching year.


Principal Gumbs