Grading Policy

The grading policy described below has been adopted by Belmont Preparatory High School and it is to be used to calculate a student’s grade in all courses. All teacher grade books must reflect this policy. Belmont Preparatory High School uses PupilPath as our official grade book. Grade book categories are set to match the categories listed below. Students are responsible for all assignments and assessments from which their grade is derived. Assessments and assignments missed due to excused absences can be made up. Teachers will provide students with the opportunity and support needed to make up missed work. An improvement plan will be provided for students in need of academic assistance. Teachers are available for tutoring in all subjects from 2:00 - 3:00 PM every day of the week. The Grading Policy is found in the Student Handbook.

Summative Assessments

An important part of the student’s grade is performance on summative type assessments. These assessments are uniform for a unit course of study within a department. Summative assessment categories must include: Unit/midterm/ final assessments or exams, unit written tasks, or any other culminating activities administered within a marking period, will account for 35% of the course grade. It is expected that at least two or more of these types of assessments will be provided to students within a marking period if the school calendar allows it.

Formative Assessments

Quizzes as well as other forms of Interim Assessments will count for 15% of the grade. In class assignments as well as Formative Assessments will account for 35% of the grade, these may include class activities such as: collaboration and discussion; Engagement in annotation protocols evidence by an evaluation of the student’s notebook; Engagement in student centered activities; Laboratory experimentation (for science classes this will account for 20% of the course grade), as well as the evaluation of a student’s productive struggle evidenced by formative assessment plan.

Written Homework

Written homework will account for 15 % of the grade, is to be assigned every night in all major subjects as an extension of what was learned during class that day or a part of an ongoing project. Students should expect to spend approximately 20 minutes per major subject each night (or its equivalent) on homework. Homework is usually due the following day. Teachers may assign homework for an extended period of time and set a homework due date, this is usually the case with homework packets or Missed homework must be made up and submitted for partial credit. Students may be provided with opportunities for extra credit assignments to improve their final grade. Students should first complete their regularly assigned work to qualify for extra credit work.