Principals' Bulletin # 11

Post date: Nov 19, 2014 4:15:16 PM

Dear Belmont Family,

It is hard to believe that so much time has passed since the beginning of the academic year. The leaves have changed and the crisp Autumn air lets us know that the holidays are fast approaching. Even though we have turned back the clocks, we can see in every store display that time is marching on. Just as they expect a prosperous season, so do we. What the stores expect is a return on their investments. So do we!

The investment in quality education was made clear by the many parents and guardians came out to support our efforts by learning how their children are progressing during Parent Teacher Night and Day. We cannot thank you enough for your active participation. In fact, over the course of the two sessions and our Meet and Greet, we were able to meet with over two hundred families or about fifty percent of our population. This is impressive but also means that 50% of parents did not attend. Our doors are open to you and we anticipate that you will continue to be actively involved in your child’s academic life. We expect that every student is also working hard to have great grades and that every adult in their lives is working to afford them every opportunity to do their very best. This will be the return on OUR investment in the future. Lastly, as we continue to outreach with parents and guardians, it is imperative that your contact information is correct so that we may invite you to events, share successes and celebrate all of the excellent work we do.


Principal Gumbs